Cardiff Logistics International is a very service driven Logistics service provider and therefore there is a critical focus throughout the organization on the quality. In our QHSE policy compliance procedures, corporate code of conduct, anti-bribery / corruption, export controls and trade sanctions are addressed. There is a dedicated focus on the Foreign Corrupt Practices Act (FCPA).  An in-house training program exists to ensure that all employees are made aware of our quality policy and Cardiff further has a due diligence program to ensure that anybody representing Cardiff, or our clients are complied. This ensures that the company can proceed with confidence in their relationships with business partners and sub-contractors.

Meet our clients QHSE Standards

All the partners overseas and domestic meets our QHSE requirement.

Protect our nature with less Carbon emission

Tools used are periodic Safety Audits, Safety Stop System, Induction & Training Programmes for Employees, Using of Euro 5 trucks.