Air Cargo Services 
CLI maintains the Time Sensitiveness of Air Cargo in its sense. Our professionals are on alert 24/7 to handle any kind of situations like Rig Down, Plant Shut Down etc. We have a consultative approach with our clients to understand completely the type of the cargo, packing, lead time etc and go for a perfect plan and shall make sure to meet the set KPIs. 

Customer will have the whole visibility of our handling and that’s the beauty of our service support.

International Door to Door Forwarding

Air Consolidation

Oversized Cargo Handling

Hand Carry Logistics

Packing, Labelling

DG Handling

Air Chartering – Full & Partial

Sea Cargo Services 
Container Load optimization, best turn-around time at our facility as well as in origin and destination ports, maintaining overall cost efficiency, connecting carriers in time avoiding shut out in loading points as well as at transshipment points, knowledge on Global break bulk vessel moves to identify right vessel to load our cargo, business relation with vessel owners/brokers in all the continents, safe loading/offloading and a total visibility on the complete supply chain are the plus points of CLI sea cargo service.   

FCL – STD, OT, FR, OOG Forwarding

Multimodal Forwarding : Sea – Air, Sea-Land, Air-Sea, Land-Sea, Air-Land

Cross Trade Shipping

LCL Consolidation

Multiple PO from various suppliers consolidation at the allotted Gateways

Break Bulk Forwarding

Contract Logistics 
Connecting the dots and paves way for the complete end to end logistics handling is the prime objectives of CLI Contract Logistics. We have facilities at all the Global gateways as well as at the destination to handle the material as per our client’s requirement. We do multiple supplier PO consolidation at frequent intervals as well as multiple supplier PO consolidation to multiple consignees. Apart from this we support the storage requirements of our client for short term and long term. Our facilities are supported by CLI WMS for complete visibility. 

Major gateway points being Houston, Amsterdam, Singapore, London, Dubai & Abu Dhabi. 

Warehousing – Dry & DG 

Inventory Control

OHR & OSND Reporting 

Yard storage & handling

Purchase Order Logistics Expedition & Management​

4PL & 5PL

Customs Clearance 
CIL has experts with rich knowledge and expertise in customs documentation ( Bayan Processing ), customs inspection and handling at Abu Dhabi ports, Abu Dhabi Airport, Jebel Ali Port. Total Turn Around time can be 24-48 working hours, but for the Rig Down, Plant shut down and other urgent cargo we are able to clear from customs in 12 hours which is subject to client providing all the required documents, attested, certified wherever necessary.

Import Customs Clearance 

Transit Customs Clearance

Makasa Processing 

Export Customs Clearance​

Purchase Order Logistics Expedition & Management​

Break Bulk Cargo Customs Clearance

Project Logistics 
CLI Project Logistics team do detail consultation with the client about the setting a schedule for the complete packing list for the project followed by setting KPIs internally. Next stage being the resource planning. Classifying material according to the given Mode of Transport, expediting with the suppliers and reporting to the client about the possible delay if any, plan consolidations, carriers etc.. are the basic activities. 

CLI provide our operations personal to work exclusively at client sites to handle the projects

Project Cargo Consolidations 

 DG or any special cargo handling

Air Chartering 

Equipment lease for project sites

Sea chartering for the bulk shipments

ODC/Heavy Lift cargo end to end handling

Storage & Delivery at the receiving and delivery points

Loading/offloading of ODC/Heavy Lifts at sites

Marine Services 
CLI has a well-established arrangement with vessel owners and brokers in Europe, Houston, Singapore and Bahrain for spot and time leasing of required carriers for our clients. Below the type of the carriers we are able to propose.

Vessels Details

Tugboats of any capacities

 Landing Crafts

 Barges–Dry Bulk, Deck, Crane Mounted, Hopper

Overland Transportation to other GCC Countries 
CLI has dedicated offices/agents in Doha, Oman, Kuwait, Bahrain, Dammam & Jeddah for connecting the projects of our clients in other GCC countries. CLI extend our support on the movement of tools/equipment between the sites. In all the GCC countries CLI can provide IOR/EOR services. For the oil and gas clients we do the storage of tools/equipment in our facility in UAE, delivery to offshore/onshore sites in UAE and other GCC countries and reverse as and when required.

Scope of the service

IOR/EOR Service

 Border Customs Handling

 FTL to/from Doha, Oman, Kuwait, Dammam & Jeddah