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Cardiff Digital

A complete visibility of the order material throughout the supply chain spectrum is our prime objective. Below are the tools to support.  
Freight Management System, EDI, Email Alerts, Purchase Order Tracking, Warehouse Management System, Rate Purchase Platform, Route Optimisation, Shipment Track & Trace, Load Optimization, Transport Optimization, System Generated Documents, GPS Vehicle Tracking, Package Tracking, System Generated Reports.

Integrated Suite & Third Party Integration​

User​-Frie​ndly Interface

Customization & Flexibility 

Cloud or On Premises Deployment

Mobile Accessibility

Security & Data Protection 

Cardiff Trade Advisory

CLI team have regular interactions with our customers at the entertainment points like Golf Club to share and update while chatting the changes in the international trade practices, implementation of new procedures in the countries the customer having trade, customs regulations, international air transport as well as shipping movements, new routes, new concepts such as Block Chains in Logistics or anything which supports their trade activities.

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